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It was a one night stand, the session was hot and sweaty

It was a one night stand, the session was hot and sweaty

Yup, you read it right but sorry to disappoint you, it is not the way you may imagine. I was surfing the web using my old but trusty notebook, on my lap, lying on my comfy bed, next to the night stand.

It was a hot night during the dry and humid season. My bedroom was stuffy and I was sweating all over. Another surfing session in motion.

I never knew I wanted to write a blog or something like this. I have heard of blogging for years but I didn't really bother. You could say that I am ignorant or indolent but somehow I just woke up.

It all started when something rather personal, that happened to me last year. Due to unfortunate turn of events, I had to be online, researching on my next steps in life. Perhaps you could say that I was on a crossroad of life. Things were actually not that bad or severe but they were impacting my emotional well-being and outlook in life.

During the tumultuous period that prolonged until early this year, I considered myself lucky that I am still alive, surrounded by my loved ones and some true friends. Surviving is an understatement. Patience is key.

Coming back to this blog, after having awaken from this slumber of life, I realised that blogging could help me to express myself. As they say sharing is caring. It is my hope that we could learn from each other based on my writings and your comments. Lets make this a better world.


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